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 What is the role of a HERS Rater?

HERS I:  Title 24 Compliance Rating

  • HVAC System Field Verification & Diagnostics Testing (FV/DT) is required when changes are made to existing HVAC systems or when installing entirely new systems. Some exceptions apply depending on the details of the project. The     2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6) define these procedures.
  • HERS Raters perform FV/DT of HVAC system installations to document energy efficiency as per the Standards. This is a mandatory requirement and is enforced by the local building departments. The basic tests include duct leakage testing, refrigerant charge verification, and airflow measurement.
  • The Standards introduce the requirement for residential energy compliance documents to be registered electronically with a HERS provider data registry (CalCERTS) prior to submittal to a local enforcement agency/building department.
  • Residential buildings and Non-Residential/Commercial buildings are treated differently. Non-Residential HERS testing is limited, but the paperwork required of the  installing contractor is extensive as compared to Residential.
  • New Construction, Alterations, and Repairs are each treated differently by the Standards and the required paperwork varies dramatically.
  • Quality Insulation Installation (QII):  Energy credits can be earned by having a QII in which a HERS Rater inspects and verifies that the insulation in your home has been installed according to standards.
  • 1st Choice HERS Rating will handle the testing, paperwork, and documentation for you and your clients and guide you through the registration process.

HERS II: CA Whole-House Home Energy Rater

  • These are raters certified to perform field assessment and energy modeling of your home using a CA Energy Commission (CEC) approved computer modeling software program to establish a numerical rating for the existing home’s energy efficiency, issue a home energy rating score with a CEC “California Home Energy Rating Certificate,” recommend energy upgrades, and analyze the cost effectiveness and/or feasibility of such upgrades.
  • Certificates are used for energy upgrade rebates/incentives, real estate transactions, refinancing options, an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) application, energy upgrade strategy, and the like. This document adds value to your home and documents the energy usage as compared to other homes.
  • 1st Choice HERS Rating is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle your needs in a professional manner.

Energy Consulting

  • Whether your project involves new construction, an addition, or alterations to the existing home, you are required to obtain a building permit. The permitting process requires a Title 24 Energy Report to document that the work to be done meets energy code.
  • An Energy Consultant prepares the required Title 24 documents and is able to make recommendations for meeting compliance.
  • The building materials, mechanical systems, methods of construction, and orientation to the sun are all contributing factors affecting energy compliance.
  • Proper building performance is the goal.
  • 1st Choice HERS Rating can provide you with the proper guidance to minimize any unnecessary delays.